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Drone Braves Iceland Volcano's Red-Hot Lava In Magnificent But Scorching Video

"What a shot!" writes a video viewer. "Wow, thank you for this!"

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A drone is seen approaching flowing lava near a volcano in Iceland. What follows is a stunningly beautiful and tremendously valuable series of images of lava and how it behaves at the direct point where it rises from inside the Earth and spills out onto surface land. It's bright red, hot and active. Check it out in the video below.


Creator of the video @p_shep1 creates a little excitement in the comments with this clip.

"Bro, what a shot!" writes commenter @lilith_the_drag0n. "Wow, thank you for this!"

"This was the best camera shot I have ever seen!" exclaims @okshipwreck. Great job, dude!"

"Thank you for showing a side of something that normally nobody would ever see," says @atb_83. "Drones are the future of filmography, in my opinion."

"I know lava is from the Earth," notes @tumblebetty. "I just can't believe it is from the Earth."

"I thought we were flying into it," surmises @mathmr.d. "I was ready."

"Awesome, inspiring footage," praises @andyjacklin1. "Hope the drone wasn't too damaged."

Video viewer @jcozaki sums it all up simply. "Amazing footage," he remarks.

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