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Expert Pilot Flies Drone Around the Magnificent Kennedy Falls and Viewers Love the Commentary

"Keep up the great work!" writes a viewer of the video.

A great drone pilot give viewers a tour of Kennedy Falls in West Virginia and it's absolutely gorgeous. Viewers of the video are impressed by the natural beauty, the expert flying and his entertaining commentary. Enjoy the video below.


Uploaded to TikTok by expert drone pilot @p_shep1, you'll see why commenters are reacting to the clip.

"Keep up the great work!" writes viewer of the video @cliffordthesecond.

"You fly a drone and thread a needle," observes @ug_gene. "I fly a drone, I take it on a field and hit a tree."

"Nicely done!" shouts out @ric.creator. "Spongebob reference appreciated."

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"Don't get me wrong," says @truenorth_visuals. "Fantastic place, but I was more impressed with the 360 spot turn before the shot."

"That's some damn good flying," compliments @mjchayphotography.

"This is epic!" proclaims @nextlvl_media."

"So relaxing," says @janaqt6. "I want more."

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