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Hilarious Video: Man In Bed Guides Drone To Fetch Cup of Joe From Local Coffee Shop

It's against the law, but it's not a bad idea.

It's illegal, because FAA regulations state that you must keep your drone in visual line of sight at all times. But that didn't stop this brilliantly lazy man from ordering a cup of joe from a local coffee shop and then guiding his drone there and back.

Posted by TikTok user @tech, the below entertaining video shows what you can do when you combine skill with lack of motivation.


"An inventive way of using a drone," says video uploader @tech.

"Imagine all that just to find out they got your order wrong," writes @codyg702.

User @perfectly.imperfect00 chimes in with some reality: "Also super illegal, just sayin'", he remarks.

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"Bro living in 2099," declares @linokroose.

"For the people arguing," clarifies @offthedeepend, "you are required to keep line-of-sight on your drone under Part 107 for commercial fliers and under the hobbiest flier rules."

"Now this is the whole reason why I wanted to buy a drone so bad," claims @dheznuts.

Viewer of the video @crispyintheusa writes, "Tell me you are in Cupertino without telling me."

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