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New DUI Prevention Technology in Ford Vehicles Is a Game-Changer

Hopefully, this will help save lives.

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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 32 Americans are killed daily in drunk-driving accidents. Ford just introduced technology that can help bring that number down.

The car manufacturer recently announced the integration of Sober Drive technology used to prevent DUIs and drunk driving-related accidents. This is currently available in the new Ford Bronco SUV.

A TikTok posted by user Rodney Stearns (@rodneystearns) showcases this new model, and it's honestly pretty cool.

This feature uses an algorithm to detect if someone is intoxicated by alcohol or drugs while they are driving. If any type of intoxication is detected, the car sends a warning to the driver and takes measures to make sure they are not driving under unsafe conditions.

This algorithm uses invisible sensors that keep track of various behavior such as steering acceleration and deceleration. This will hopefully make roads and highways safer for everyone inside and outside the vehicle.

"Honestly all cars should have this," TikTok user @annikagh253 commented under the video. "I don’t get why all new cars don’t have built-in breathalyzers to begin with," @labow49 said. 

Some viewers were concerned that the car would slow them down even when they aren't intoxicated, and others believe this is an unnecessary added cost.

Whatever your opinion, you can't deny that this will hopefully prevent a lot of accidents.