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Video: Father Seems To Sense Imminent Earthquake, Carries Daughter To Safety Before It Strikes

Security camera footage captures a frantic few seconds.

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A father is sitting at a kitchen table with his daughter. A security camera recording shows that he suddenly rises from his chair, picks her up and carries her out the front door and into the snowy front yard. Inside, light fixtures begin to shake, first softly and then with increasing vigor. As the earthquake intensifies, objects shift on walls and even fall to the ground. Watch the video below to see it all unfold. 


Uploaded by TikTok user @failarmy, the clip provides a basis for some comments and reaction.

"If my husband didn't grab my child and immediately run," writes commenter @queenhazyb, "I'd be disappointed. Don't worry about me. Get our baby out."

"That's a good man and a great father!" exclaims @_m0nl. "Glad everyone was safe."

"Me," imagines @dreamsmp2373, "running in there for my PS4."

"When you're sitting on the ground with your feet on the ground," says @tea_cup_spilled, "it is easier to feel it when coming."

Video viewer @kericho8 sums up what most of us are thinking as we see this. "Thanking God for your safety, friends," she writes.

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