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Earthquake Protection Bed? Quick-Reacting Designs For Catastrophic Events Have People Talking

In the event of an earthquake, technology intended to save your life is activated.

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A person is sleeping comfortably in bed when a massive earthquake strikes. Debris is falling and a potential building collapse is imminent. What are all the possible precautions one could have taken before a catastrophic natural disaster such as this? One idea that has been floated is the possibility of beds designed to protect people in the event of such an occurrence. The video below demonstrates some concepts.


Uploaded by @tech, the clip shows some possible designs and users are reacting. 

"It's a debatable idea," ponders commenter @voltechplayz.

"I'm claustrophobic," writes user @nietschijtenopdegrond. "Dude," reader @deydhen replies. "It's either claustrophobia or death."

"Death for me, please," says @alabarandanara.

"At least it saves you for more than an hour, or days," suggests @lelouch1177.

"Well, what if your hand or feet is outside of the bed?" asks @voltechplayz. "It's going to get chopped off."

"Is it heat proof?" wonders @kirkian212. "Otherwise it could become an oven and bake you alive."

"At least you have your coffin in case don't get rescued," surmises @munchkin_aldren.

"Nothing can go wrong here," says @jcrosav with an unmistakable tone of sarcasm.

"Not everyone is so skeptical. "I need this," writes @sparker94.

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