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Pondering the Edge of the Universe:  Neil deGrasse Tyson Tackles It In This Video

One metaphor to use to fathom the answer is, he explains, it's as if we're a ship at sea heading toward a horizon.

We found this video of Neil deGrasse Tyson fielding a reader question about the edge of the universe. We'll get straight to the video because it's best hearing straight from the source on this sort of thing. No need for us to try to summarize.

So without any further delay, check out this TikTok video posted by StarTalk, user @neildegrassetyson.


"I can't wrap my head around this," writes one user. "Does the universe equal space or is the universe expanding into space?"

Another user asks, "Does that mean that every year our horizon gets a little farther away?"

One video viewer says the "universe is bigger than our horizon, but it has an end. If something has not been infinite at its beginning, it cannot suddenly become infinite at any time."

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Another surmises: "I don’t think there is an edge. It’s infinite. And if there is an edge there must be something beyond it."

One commenter asks, "How can space have an end? Thought this guy was smart."

"Infinity is a circle," another postulates. "It comes back around. There is no end of the universe, because there is no end to the earth. It just keeps going."

"I've thought about this and I can't grasp it," one user adds. "Everything has to end, somewhere, somehow. Doesn't it?"

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