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The Most Disgustingly Dirty Keyboard Ever—This Link Is Not For the Squeamish

We apologize in advance for what you are about to see.

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Some of us like to keep our keyboards clean and pristine. We wash our hands before sitting down to type and we keep sanitizer and alcohol swabs nearby. But apparently, others of us do not suffer from such fastidious preoccupations.

We thought twice before publishing this, but we thought it might serve the public interest to remind our esteemed readers that when it comes to electronics, cleanliness is indeed next to godliness.

This video, posted by @tech on TikTok, shows in detail the process of cleaning up what we believe is quite simply the nastiest keyboard we have ever seen.


With that, we'll waste no time and get cleanly to the viewer comments.

"Bro is growing crops in between his keys," writes one user.

Another tardily advises the person doing the cleaning to "use gloves, please."

"How did it get that bad?" a commenter wonders.

One more observes that to him it seems the user of the console in the video "has a whole farm under his keyboard."

"All gamers that eat on their keyboard are screaming," suspects another.

One commenter says she has seen even uglier examples of neglect. "My school keyboards are dirtier then this one," she writes.

We hope that you have better luck than this keeping your keyboard clean. We'll leave you with the thought that this is obviously even more important if it's the keyboard on your laptop that is in question as liquids, dirt and grime can get into the circuitry of your computer and can cause severe damage if not maintained properly.

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