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Excitement and Suspense Builds Over Images NASA Will Unveil From New Telescope

"I'm running around my house I'm so excited," writes a viewer of the video.

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The date has been set for a few days now for when NASA will make the first images from the James Webb Space Telescope available to the public. So naturally the debate is beginning to heat up about just what those images will be.

Find out when we'll see them and more by watching this video posted by TikTok user @thegalacticgal.


"I'm running around my house I'm so excited," writes a viewer of the video.

Another asks, "Anyone else just still amazed it got made, launched safely, unfolded correctly, actually works??"

"Never thought I’d be fangirling over a telescope, but here we are," says a reader. "Ahhhh can’t wait."

This user urges serenity: "Stay calm people! Stay calm!!!!"

"I'm so excited and I go on vacation for 3 weeks July 8," writes a video watcher. I’ll be sitting and waiting!!!"

"This has been decades in the making and it’s going to show us the universe in ways we’ve never seen before," declares another.

One user takes a guess at what the telescope will show us when it releases the images: "The pillars of creation!!!!"

"Wow this is happening all so fast," writes a commenter. "Okay this probably isn’t possible but do you think we’ll be able to see into the past with how far it’s going??"

We don't have the answer to that, but like these people we're super excited as well to see what the images will be.

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