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Impressive Remote Control F-18 Hornet Video Asks Viewers To Rate This Landing

"Fantastic speed control," writes a viewer of the video. "And I love that laugh at the end!"

A man with a Horizon Hobby remote control F-18 Hornet model is seen bringing the airplane in for a landing from significant elevation. The plane swoops down in a steep descent before touching down. As the RC pilot suggests, decide what you think of the landing by checking out the video below.


TikTok users react to the video posted by @rc_air_shenanigans.

"Fantastic speed control," writes video viewer @wayne7717. "And I love that laugh at the end!"

"In a real fighter," asks @by2or, "Would you consider this a combat landing?"

To which @rc_air_shenanigans replies, "Nah. The navy plops F-18s down on the carrier way harder."

"I get that," says @by2or, "But landing at a forward air base, wouldn't they come down that steep to avoid surface-to-air missiles?"

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"Yeah, you have a point," writes @rc_air_shenanigans. "I've been on four planes that did combate landings and it feels like they just nose to the earth straight down and then land, LOL."

Viewer @_spondyles_ has a confession. "For a sec I thought it was real," he says.

"Too smooth for a Navy landing!" exclaims @pixelatedhooning.

"Haha," laughs @rc_air_shenanigans. "When we set the 18s down harder we just called it a carrier landing."

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