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Woman Shares Her 'Facebook Meta' Layoff Story in the Hopes of Connecting with Others

So many people lost their jobs unexpectedly.

We have news of another massive layoff in the tech industry with thousands losing their jobs at Meta, Facebook's parent company. There have been some missteps as the social media powerhouse attempts to transition into other spheres, including the "metaverse". Facing a looming economic downturn and increasing interest rates that make borrowing more expensive, large companies like Meta have to make tough decisions and will likely continue to lay off workers while protecting shareholder dividends and executive compensation.

Unfortunately, this means thousands of brilliant, creative workers who have invested incredible amounts of time and mental capital to build websites and platforms are now looking for their next opportunities. Fortunately, there are many options to find new roles and also find new communities to pursue career paths, many being made by these talented individuals. Looks like TikTok user @dontamazonmyalexa is taking a proactive step with a "recruiting" video after she lost her job. 

Commenters were supportive and empathetic in their responses. Bert wrote, "Sorry to hear, but just knowing you are coming from Facebook is the ultimate resume for possibly greater things. All the best, head up." "So sad that we are throwing out such skilled and trained people in this country," remarked Talokat9529. Bibi Jaan sent some assurance, "my son is Google guy. I sent him your post, good luck, you'll be OK, you all be."

Anyone who's lost a job suddenly knows how hard it can be to pivot and find the next opportunity. Hopefully those affected by these massive layoffs can use social media to build communities and perhaps launch the next mega platform. 

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