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Covert Beatboxers Create Soundtrack For Unsuspecting Pedestrians In Hilarious Video People Love

"Comedy gold!" gushes an amused reader.

Innocent and unsuspecting passersby in a busy town square are going about their normal daily routines. Suddenly, they notice their motions and movements are being set to hilarious amplified sounds. Their reactions are fantastic to watch as they begin to comprehend the unexpected nature of the all-in-fun prank. The video clip is making people's day and you can watch it below.


Uploaded by @haytv84, we learn that the beatboxers hidden in the van are a vocal performance band with the user name @berywam. They can be seen in action on a 2019 episode of America's Got Talent here.

"Comedy gold!" writes commenter @the_mopar_club.

"Harmless pranks that make people have a fun story at the end of day," observes @iviercttv. "Love it!"

"That's freaking hilarious," laughs @old_car_crazy.

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"I love that they do 'Let It Go' for the little girl," notes @bluefootedb. And @grant231pars agrees: "The end was wholesome," he says.

"These are the original pranks," writes @jmeza713. "No one is getting hurt and no one has to say it's a prank. They all knew they were getting pranked."

"I would have lost my mind laughing at the stairs one," says @aristokati. "OMG, how did they not collapse from laughing?"

"Nice to the kid in the end," remarks @that1ghostt. "I love it when we're all nice to children. They deserve it."

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