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Watch: The Sweetest Daughters Ever Sneak Downstairs As Security Camera Captures Hilarious Night-Time Jaunt

"They're so freaking cute!" exclaims a viewer of the video.

A home with a security camera captures two young girls trying to sneak by it. The method they use is as cute as it is flat-out hilarious. But check out the reason they are engaging on the excursion downstairs. A father meticulously narrates the hysterical video and you can watch it below.


Posted to TikTok by @ahousehairbuilt, the clip understandably elicits responses from some commenters.

"They're so freaking cute!" exclaims commenter @aim_bec71.

"Impressed they didn’t just call mum or dad to come deal with the bug," writes @jcr2286. "They are obviously very independent."

To which the creator of the video @ahousehairbuilt replies, "They are super independent and hilarious."

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"The best don't-be-suspicious I've ever seen!" laughs @prestontalbot0327.

"They held onto the bug that whole time?" marvels @thealexandrahunt. "You're not giving enough credit."

"The crawling is too good!" admires @inkytoks. "This is so cute and very impressed they killed a bug. I'm 25 and still get scared."

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