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Kid Asks Dad For Lamborghini, Only Gets Nissan, Receives Little Sympathy

We hope the kid is joking.

A kid in a video says he asked his dad for a Lamborghini, but instead he was given what looks to be a pretty sweet maroon sports car, a Nissan GTR R35. In the video the kid sounds disappointed and sad, like a spoiled brat who was really expecting a luxury car to be given to him. He even goes as far as to say he doesn't even know why his dad doesn't love him.

Posted to TikTok by user @leonnhoangg, you can watch the video below and see what you think.


"You are really lucky," writes commenter @srilankan_7. "You have a wonderful car. Be happy."

"I know it's a joke," says @danielmckenzie31," but that is such a spoiled kid thing to say."

"Bro," remarks @mitsubishilancerevo23, "I will take that over a lambo."

"I asked my mom for a brother," says @thisis_marcos. "But she got me a sister."

User @joseph_the_vulture6479 tells it like it is, proclaiming, "You're lucky you even got a car."

"I wanted a Samsung but I got an iPhone," shares @truck_edits.09.

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Reader @juicewrld_repost says, "I asked my dad for a car and he told me to get a job."

"If you don't want it, I'll take it," writes @hexsgames.

Video viewer @kirubel12344 agrees.

"All right then, I'll take it," she says."

"Your dad wants the best for you," surmises @7mzalia. "Believe me."

"To be honest, I'd rather have that," writes @minionswilltakeovertikt0.

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