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Fascinating Video Depicts Reality of Eating Popcorn with Robotic Hand

This is pretty cool!

We have seen some incredible breakthroughs in medical technology over the years, but few may be as famous or appreciated as those that help people overcome disabilities and participate in more everyday activities. It may not seem like much to many people but there is incredible intrinsic value in finding something that helps someone perform rudimentary tasks like walking or brushing teeth on their own. Not only do these solutions help physical quality of life, they also do extra lifting in supporting mental health and prevent isolation by letting people feel more "normal". 

Bionic attachments have come a long way over the past few decades, helping people restore usage of limbs or gain it for the first time. While many cite these devices with helping them reclaim lost aspects of their lives, there are still some drawbacks. TikTok user @leftyonhardmode shows us some complications a bionic arm can create with an activity most take for granted.

This video is a bit heartbreaking to watch but it carries a significant task of showing people that some disability solutions are not panaceas. I give this poster a lot of credit for being so honest and willing to expose flaws in his daily life while acknowledging that not everyone "gets better". It's important to know these struggles and not attempt to gloss over them. 

Commenters showed some kindness and posted some funny but caring stories of their own. Immy responded, "I have a similar arm! It’s just got pincer claw movement, but my friends lovingly call it The Terminator because it has killed many a can of coke." "The first week my friend got his hand I got him MnMs and told him that if he could open them, they were his- he did it! Was nice enough to share them with me," reported Saturn Adler. 

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