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FIFA Confirms New Offside Technology For World Cup and Controversy Is Stirred

The goal is to reduce decision-making time on Video Assistant Referee (VAR) calls.

When the 2022 World Cup kicks off in Qatar this November, it will do so with new technology for offside calls. It's called semi-automated VAR, and FIFA claims trials show decision-making time for calls can be cut from 70 seconds to 25 seconds. Needless to say, in a tournament notorious for controversy, this set off an early round of debate months before the actual competition begins.

Posted to TikTok by user @omada_uk, the video below explains how it works and what to expect in the Gulf State only four months away.


"Imagine if you score in the 120+1 minute in the World Cup Final only to find out one of your blood cells was offside," writes commenter @sainsburys_toucher.

"What if the sensor in the ball affects the physics of it?" asks @liam.z.zz.

"I mean it's good technology," says @joelthemole9, "but I think they should just stop complicating things."

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"This isn't complicating anything," replies @robert.barathian. "It's making it easier and more simple."

User @hufccal09 states the obvious but important: "It all depends on if it works."

"I'm not happy," says @cerealoffender39. "Football is for people, not machines."

We just hope the new technology contributes to a sense of fairness in the competition. Obviously, this is what FIFA is going for, but somehow the World Cup seems to find ways to invite controversial incidents.

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