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Hacker Shares How to Find Someone's Digital Footprint with a Picture of Their Face

This is actually kind of creepy.

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Be careful what you post on the internet because someone may use it to find your digital footprint. 

The internet is an amazing resource, but it can also be a burden, especially if you don't use it wisely. What you post will stay on there forever, even if you think you deleted it. Chances are, if someone really wants to find something about you, they will find it.

Self-proclaimed ethical hacker and real estate investor @chrisjr404 recently posted a TikTok showing how hackers can supposedly find your digital footprint by simply using a single photo. The technology is very interesting.

If you want to live out your hacker dreams, this is one way to do it. All you need is a photo of someone's face which you can upload onto a facial recognition website called PimEyes. The website has an AI that will pull up the different websites where the photo was used. That's really all there is to it.

This website works similarly to Google's reverse image search and is really there to help identify the source of an image.

"Mad world," TikTok user @innerknowing1 wrote in the comments section under this video. "Before you put a selfie in there read the privacy policy. Lots of stuff in there," @gorakeshi pointed out. "I put a picture of me and none of them are me, or even look like me whatsoever," @pastelde3leches said.

The best rule of thumb is to not post anything on the internet that you don't want people to find out about. Because no matter how hard you try to hide the information, someone will most likely find it.