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Woman Shares Simple Trick to Watching TV and Movies for Free

This sure sounds easy enough.

Does anyone actually watch regular television anymore, besides sports and maybe the local news? Seems like a lot of people are "cord-cutting" their cable bills and signing up for a variety of streaming services. The shows are critically acclaimed and very enjoyable, it's really convenient with different smart TVs or devices, and it doesn't cost as much as cable (usually).

Even with all the great streaming services, available for subscription or even free, there is the perpetual pursuit of finding out "what else is on" or wanting to watch a specific series from yesteryear. I know there are a few Saturday morning cartoon series from my childhood (sorry, not giving out decades) that I'd like to revisit. Looks like TikTok user @99problemschronicillness has a solution to help people find content through a Fire stick:

People love finding out cool hacks or inventive ways to use their devices, as the comment section proved. Robinson Dominguez responded, "I did this as you were explaining, awesome, but is there a way to make the screen bigger?" These videos encourage people to find their own solutions, as elainehatchell1 replied, "I just found out it works on kindle tablets too. thank you." "anything like this for Roku?" asks Kelly Woods268, referring to the popular smart TV platform.

My friends who have Fire sticks and this Amazon-based platform rave about the various usages they have for it. One of the really cool things about this proliferation of interactive television is how people find new ways to use things and then share them on social media. 

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