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Free Art-Creation App Turns Your Simple Shapes Into Amazing Images Using AI

Watch what happens when you put water in the sky.

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You can use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create incredible images with an App that let's you paint simple shapes and lines, but using a palette of real-world materials, like mountains, grass or clouds. So instead of just having colors on your palette, the AI software literally allows you place an item such as a majestic river in your image with the greatest of ease. TikTok user @karenxcheng provides the below video that shows the thrilling creative process.


The software is called NVIDIA canvas and you can download it here. When you paint the simple shapes and lines, NVIDIA says you then "watch in real time as our revolutionary AI model fills the screen with show-stopping results. Don’t like what you see? Swap a material, changing snow to grass, and watch as the entire image changes from a winter wonderland to a tropical paradise. The creative possibilities are endless."

The canvas has nine styles that can change the appearance of an image and there are twenty materials to choose from including mountains, stones and rivers. 

"NVIDIA Canvas lets you customize your image so that it’s exactly what you need," the NVIDIA Web site says. "Paint on different layers to keep elements separate. You can start from scratch or get inspired by one of the sample scenes."

Once you've completed your image, the capability exists to open it in Adobe Photoshop to refine things or to combine it with other images.

It's pretty sweet fun, so check it out if you feel the calling. (Note that you'll need the NVIDIA GeForce RTX Graphics Processing Unit installed on your device.)

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