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Cyber Scare! Grandma Thinks There's a Demon In Her Computer And It's the Best Video You'll See Today

These well-meaning folks are helping Grandma and Grandpa troubleshoot their laptop's strange technical quandary: It seems it is hilariously haunted.

We've all at times been enthusiastically gracious enough to take time helping our wonderful aging loved ones with technical issues in the digital age. We're happy to help. Sometimes it's a simple fix, sometimes it's more complex, and, of course, other times an exorcism may be what's needed. 

In the below video, something is certainly spooking the grandparents. There's something green—maybe an animal, maybe a house, maybe a hybrid animal-house. But something is in the computer and Grandma does not like it one bit.

While Grandpa sits bravely at the desk booting up the small machine, Grandma hovers nearby, allowing plenty of room behind her for a quick escape if needed.

Our fearless tech support heroes inquire as to what they are supposed to be seeing. But it's hard to tell if they are filming for objective documentation or purely for entertainment value. OK, it's not that hard to tell: definitely the latter. The giggles and laughter give it away.

The eerie mystery is revealed near the end of this priceless 92-second video. TikTok user @heykristakay is kind enough to share the moment.

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Upon recognizing the source of all this alarm appearing on the screen, Grandma backs away exclaiming, "Oh! There it is! I can't stand that thing!"

Speculation abounds as to the source of the trepidation here. Commenter @ebeneezer..goode suggests perhaps "this has gotta be because of that uranium toothpaste from the 50s."

Photo by Erwan B on Unsplash

Photo by Erwan B on Unsplash

"When ppl say 'imagine showing this video to someone in 1800's this is exactly how i imagine they’d react lol," @pikapikamudafuka chimes in.

Another commenter @thatnerdymomer wonders, "like... how did they jump to demonic..." 

But it's really sweet to know that the younger relatives are there for support. Or, you know, for their own amusement, as the case may be.

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