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Check Out The Sidewalks Of The Future That Will Generate Power With Every Step

These high-tech sidewalk platforms will generate electric energy from your steps.

To more quickly solve this global climate crisis, Scientists and engineers are getting more creative with where we get our energy from. They’re looking beyond the wind or even the sun, but rather downward to our own footsteps.

Floor and sidewalk platforms that absorb the kinetic energy generated by your footsteps sounds like science fiction, but they’re apparently already here. And, they look absolutely like Jetsons-level technology.


Developed by a company called PaveGen, the technology is primarily deployed currently within specific, customized experience centers, most of which are open to the public.

These experiences are laid out with this technology, which takes kinetic energy, transfers it into electricity, and uses that to power the lights and sounds that drive those experience centers.

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The idea is to continue to communicate the benefits of this technology to eventually see it adopted more widely within larger endeavors such as shopping malls, large public venues, and even smart cities.

Being big believers in green, renewable energy, we wait with bated breath for the day that such technology is in wide use. The sooner we can get off finite energy sources, the better for everyone on earth.

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