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Huggy Wuggy Videos: Parental Warning Issued And People Debate How To Respond

Videos of a scary character online is the subject of an ongoing conversation.

Videos on YouTube and TikTok featuring the scary character Huggy Wuggy from the horror survival game Poppy Playtime have spawned a debate. Should parents simply delete this game from their children's devices, or does it provide an opportunity for an important discussion?

Posted by TikTok user @tracey_dintino_charles, the below video explains what you need to know.


It's a good idea to have real knowledge about Poppy Playtime before taking action.

As says, "If you are a parent or guardian concerned about this, it’s important to understand the game before you delete it from children’s devices. Rather than a knee-jerk reaction, it’s a chance to talk to your child about the content and then make an informed decision about it with them."

Poppy Playtime is a scary game whose intent is to be disturbing. It has been rated as suitable for 13-year-olds by ESRB for violence and blood and for 12-year-olds by PEGI for moderate violence and horror. 

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"Jeez, it's like a Teddy for my son," says user @nicola_w_26." He takes it to bed every night."

"What about old nursery rhymes," asks reader @badassfrogqueen. "They are scary and morbid. Or Grimm's fairy tales? Come on."

Kids having acess to the Internet is dangerous alone, writes @aliciareyes522. "This app is not for kids, but nobody listens. Really people, to each their own."

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