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Video of Man's Brutal Garage Door Mishap Has People Talking

His wife attempts to console him after a badly timed dash into the house.

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This man thought he was simply engaged in a slow run toward the house. What he did not anticipate was an unfortunately timed mechanism that blocked his way.

Security camera footage caught the incident on tape and it was posted to TikTok by @failarmy in this must-see video.


A few folks in the comments seem a little conflicted or guilted about finding this funny.

"She is a much better person than I am because I wouldn't have been able to stop laughing," says one.

Another: "I'm so mad at my damn self for laughing when Babe is clearly NOT OKAY."

"Am I mean for laughing this first time then feeling bad after he started crying?" asks a viewer of the video.

One commenter has a bit of a morbid sense of humor. "My wife would have just kept driving away, hoping I was dead when she got back," he says.

"That garage door wanted revenge for something. Sheesh, the timing," writes a TikTok user.

"That’s why I like being short," quips a commenter.

This person seems to be a bit of a romantic: "At least he knows his girl loves 'em. She was on point."

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