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Woman's Realization About How 'Gen Z' Uses Phone Cameras Has People Talking

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What comes to mind when you think of famous rivalries? The New York Yankees and The Boston Red Sox? The Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics? Manchester United and Liverpool? Those are some pretty good rivalries. But are any of those rivalries really as epic or heated as the rivalry between Millennials and 'Gen Z'? (Of course not.) 

And what's the latest shot being fired in this intergenerational war? (Drum roll...) It comes, courtesy of TikTok user @sarah.cavillio as she records herself making a shocking discovery - why "Gen Z' puts their phones down while they're recording something.  

Mind. Blowing. I never fathomed that Zoomers were actually recording from the back camera when they put their phones down like that. 

Some TikTok users were just mystified as to how Gen Z could recored videos this way. As @ceceseemae inquired, "IDK how they record themselves without looking at themselves. I need to practice." And @NotYourMom asked, "How can you see the timer and stuff though???" With @AngieJohnson remarking, "OK but how do you know that the shot is framed?" While @Blue simply exclaimed, "LAMO I never realized that."  

Naturally, 'Gen Z' TikTok users responded with @maggie retorting, "We just don't wanna hold it up..." While other (presumably Gen Z) TikTok users vehemently denied @sarah.calvillo's claim. With @clara firing back, "Bff as a Gen Z I can promise you that's nooot the case." With @gracie adding, "Girl we ain't." And @th3funny1 asserting, "No we don't we record from the front camera girly pop!" 

Well that seems to have cleared absolutely nothing up. 

What do you think? Is the video right? Does Gen Z really use the back camera on their phone like that?