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Geocaching: There's a World-Wide Treasure Hunt Going On and You Can Play Too

You just need to know what to look for. This is one example in Minnesota.

If you haven't tried or heard of geocaching yet, here's a primer on how to get started. First, what is it? Well, it's been called the world's largest treasure hunt. Pretty simply, it's an outdoor activity where participants use a smart phone with an app or maybe a GPS device to find containers, called "geocaches," at locations marked by coordinates. It's fun for all ages and gaining wildly in popularity.

Posted to TikTok by user @geocachingvlogger, the following video shows an example of one geocache in Minnesota as it's discovered by treasure hunters.


"I don't think it's deep," writes commenter @axal95. "It's just a really long chain."

"It was connected to a grenade pin," says @chicken_man221 darkly.

"That is super awesome," remarks @nodrog24. "I might have to set something like that up near me. Where was this located?"

The creator of the video clarifies that it was indeed in Minnesota.

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Viewer of the video @kyleigh.rumer has a great story. "Me and my boyfriend have been going geocaching on our vacation," she explains. "I should say 'fiance' now because he hid the ring in one."

"There are more than three million geocaches hidden all around the world in parks, trails, and urban areas," according to VeryWellFamily. "In fact, there are probably some near you as you're reading this. But finding the box is only half the game. First, you have to get the coordinates."

A cache, for example, might be a small waterproof container with pen and a logbook. The geocacher signs the log with a code name and a date. When done, the player puts the cache back exactly as they found it. 

Search for "geocaching" in your app store and you will find an app there to get started.

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