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Geologist Collects Scorching-Hot Lava Samples With A Small Tool In This Wild Video

"So cool looking," observes a viewer of the video.

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This is how a geologist collects lava samples from a volcano in Hawaii and it looks like a pretty dangerous gig.

The video shows some truly remarkable footage and is submitted by TikTok user @tech


"Is the tool in a special material or he’s just quick enough to not melt it?" asks a commenter.

"Hey, you can't do that man. In Minecraft its impossible to put obsidian inside of a bucket," writes another.

"Lava!" writes a user. "Why does it look so edible?"

"So cool looking," observes a viewer of the video.

"It kinda makes me sad," notes another, "That flow of lava would have cooled off all smooth like. Oh well, all in the name of science."

"Where are the marshmallows when he/she is taking a break?" asks one.

"All the people who play Minecraft now know how lava can stay in a bucket," is another observation.

This user seems to think he is pretty clever by offering this tip: "Did you guys know that you can drink lava but only once in your life?"

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