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Get Ready For Epic View of 5 Aligned Planets In the Morning Sky on June 24

The rare positioning of five planets is called a "Planetary Parade."

A "Planetary Parade" will grace the morning sky on Friday, June 24. This is when five planets will be visible and aligned. Even more rarely, the planets will appear in their correct order in terms of distance from the sun. The time zone doesn't matter. Just look up the sunrise in your area and subtract 45 minutes.

Posted by @astro_alexandra, the below video explains all you need to know, including the fascinating role the moon will play in this extraordinary event.


"I saw this in Hercules," writes commenter @sidneyraz. "We need to stop the release of the titans."

"What if you don't have a telescope?" asks @aarons.yellowdoor.

"You don't need one," replies @astro_alexandra.

"Noooo," writes viewer of the video @ajw503. "I'll be on a plane during that time. Would it be visible from the aircraft?"

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"Probably," answers @astro_alexandra. "Unless the clouds are in the way."

"OMG, the moon standing in is so cute," says @centaurofattn.

User @banana_cubes declares, "I shall be sitting outside at 3:50 a.m. watching the stars."

"Good thing I stay up till sunrise!" announces @jskfbsj1.

Video watcher @blondiesp1ce has an announcement as well: "Hey, that's my birthday!" she exclaims.

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