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Glorious Drone Footage Captures Faroe Islands and Viewers Are Mesmerized

"I could watch this content for hours," writes a viewer of the video.

There are some some fabulous drone videos on the Internet. Then there are those that are in a class of their own. Obviously a lot has to do with the subject being filmed. This one shows that it simply doesn't get much better than the Kingdom of Denmark's Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic, 200 miles northwest of Scotland.

Posted to TikTok by user @p_shep1, the video below shows the majesty of the islands, the cliffs and the ocean below.


"I could watch this content for hours," writes commenter @theflipman.

"Thank you for letting me escape for a bit," says @missysixx.

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"Man," remarks @deodatlawson. "Birds are the freest beings to ever live."

"Bro, I've been in a wheelchair for about a year and half and somehow I feel like I'm on a journey watching your vids," states @joashnaidoo169. "I even bought a toy drone for fun."

"Thank you for sharing this video with us," writes @janebarona. "I feel like in heaven."

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