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Woman's 'Google Home' Won't Work Unless She Imitates Her Irish Boyfriend

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Voice recognition technology is some pretty wild stuff. The advanced technology of the Star Trek episodes and sci-fi flicks your parents grew up with is now pretty common (if not out right mundane at this point.) Technology, like all things though, doesn't always work exactly like you think it will. Depending on what the technology is, that could potentially lead to some pretty bad situations. It can also lead to some really funny ones...     

Like the situation in this video posted by TikTok user @chodefarrington. Check it out below...

We've been watching this on repeat and it gets funnier every time. With all the crazy things going on in the world right now, we're super grateful that simple, hilarious, pleasures like this exist for our amusement. (We love you Internet.) Speaking of which, this is how the internet reacted to this one.

TikTok user @Mel wrote, "I'm Aussie and I used to have to impersonate my American wife to get our Xbox Kinect to listen to me." (The woman in the video sounded Australian too. I wonder if Google has something against Australians? Or their accents? That would certainly make for a fun internet conspiracy theory.) 

While TikTok user @NoThankYou had a 'seeing the glass half full' take on the video, "This must give you so much joy though. Random funny things are the best." (Yes they are! Seeing the humor in any given situation always makes things a little bit better.) While user @stephen posted, "Watching this literally just turned mine on. But that's OK because it's getting dark." (That's pretty funny, and unintentionally helpful.)