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Google Tech Worker Has Important Message About Taking Care of Our Mental Health

This is so important for everyone to keep in mind.

Over the past month, the role everyday workers play with the technology megacompanies that seemingly control our everyday lives has come into great focus. Big names have announced layoffs affecting tens of thousands who helped build these industry leaders and keep the services operating, which has put many on edge. All this upheaval in a mostly stable industry over the past decade has put a lot of different factors under the spotlight, notably the need for mental health services in the field.

Many tech sector workers have called for more support from their employers who have made billions in profits from their labor. While these positions are often lucrative, the work is exhausting and can drain even the best. We are fortunate that many, like TikTok user @fa2chainz, have shared their experiences to help others. 

It takes incredible bravery and selflessness to share one's personal journey, especially when it comes to going through hard times and mental health struggles. Workers in many sectors have largely been terrified to talk about burnout because many employers see that as a way to "push out the weak/those who don't want it enough." These conversations, painful as they may be, will be crucial to potentially rebuilding the technology industry as workers find new opportunities and possibly launch new companies.

Commenters were very supportive of this creator, which we love to see. "Proud of you for taking the time off!! hope you’re doing well," applauded Allegra Spinoso. Liz Reads replied, "Hope it helped queen. Sending you love and healing." Nia shared, "Yess to normalizing taking a break! I took one during my first year and I am so much better for it."

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