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Watch This Cool Video That Shows How High a Human Could Jump On Saturn and Other Planets

Let's say you have a vertical leap of 1.5 feet. That's not bad, assuming you don't play basketball. Watch this super cool animation to see what heights that would take you to on other planets.

When you try to jump as high as you can you generally think of the exercise as one where you are setting your muscles and dexterity to battle against your body weight. What you may not think of is that you are also battling gravity and atmospheric pressure. 

Watch as TikTok user @everything_astro shares a wonderful video animation showing how high a 1.5 foot leap on Earth would be on other planets.

Gravity is the force by which a planet or other body draws objects toward its center. When you leap into the air, the Earth's center pulls you back down. The bigger the planet, the stronger the gravitational pull.

Atmospheric pressure is simply the weight of the air. We can feel the weight of water when we're in a swimming pool. But walking down the sidewalk we forget that the air is pressing against us as well. This pressure varies from planet to planet depending on the makeup and weight of the gases in the atmosphere.

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Commenter @rblion5 exaggerates, but his idea is fun to think about: "When Cristiano Ronaldo jump Ceres 1000000km," he writes. 

In any case, we're grateful for this animation. It's a very fun way to learn about and embrace science. People will keep making videos like these and the delightful responsibility that weighs on us is to keep sharing them with you.

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