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Green Screen Or Real? Man In Front Of Lavish Nature Scene Asks Readers To Guess

Viewers of the video are divided. See if your guess is correct when the answer is revealed.

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A man playing a charming drum with mellow tones sits in front of a gorgeous, picturesque nature setting asking viewers of the video whether they think it's a real scene or whether the background is done using green screen technology.

See what you think in this video posted by TikTok user


(See below for the answer, revealed in Part 2.)

"I think it's a green screen," writes a commenter.

"It’s green screen, cuz look at the bottom left corner," proclaims another.

"Real," a reader announces. "If you look at the plants, they're moving."

"Green screen," another guesses. "You're floating."

Another sees something else he thinks is a giveaway: "Green screen because of the lighting."

"It’s real," a viewer of the video writes. If you look closely, things are moving in the back."

"Green screen because of the bottom left corner," says a user.

One reader asks, "What is he sitting on, thin air?"

Another sees it that way as well: "Green screen because he’s sitting on nothing."

And we get the answer in Part 2:


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