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Security Professional Shares How Hackers Can Easily Look Into Webcams

This is actually pretty concerning.

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Consumers have raved for years about all the capabilities available in their laptops, from lightweight portability to taking on high-performance gaming options without needing all the space and components of a desktop. Laptop computers have helped revolutionize remote work, allowing people to get stuff done from virtually wherever they can get an internet connection and (hopefully) a charge for their devices. Can you imagine if people tried to carry a whole desktop setup into a coffee shop and put it together just to bang out a few hours of work with a muffin and latte?

While laptops provide a lot of terrific features and benefits for users, there are some perils associated with owning one. A major one that people seem to forget is the webcam at the top of the screen, which people cannot always keep covered for either work or other reasons. However, it is key to be mindful of what can happen, as TikTok user @chrisjr404 shows us.

This should be an alarming realization for anyone who owns a laptop and keeps the screen open at all times. It is surprising the manufacturers do not have more aggressive measures to protect users from this type of privacy invasion. 

Commenters showed their appreciation to this video. "That is insane how easy that is to do," remarked Michael Herrera. Glnarso6 suggested, " Not me anxious it's a trap to give access to my phone cam." "My webcam has a plastic lid, have it cover when I don’t need it," reported Steven Drew Armstrong.