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This Hanging MagLev Train That Uses Almost No Power Looks Like Magic

The magnets used on this hanging maglev train in China are so powerful that minimal power is required.

Magnetically powered trains aren’t really anything new … at least everywhere but in the glorious United States.

However, something completely different is a magnetic train, also known as a “maglev” train, that hangs from its rail rather than sits on top of it.

Better yet, this glorious piece of locomotive engineering is using almost zero power to move and operate its other electronics. It’s kind of a marvel to watch in action.


Posted by an account known as Gigadgets on TikTok, the video details the new kind of locomotive developed in China in part by the Jiangxi University of Science and Technology that uses more standard, powerless magnets to hold the train in place. These extremely powerful magnets hold the train cars in place without touching.

The train doesn’t travel very fast, reaching top speeds currently of about 50 miles per hour, but speed isn’t the point — it’s sustainability.

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Nearly zero electrical power is used here to push the train in comparison to traditional maglev trains that are propelled using electromagnetism. That’s when magnets are boosted in effectiveness using electric currents, roughly speaking.

According to the video’s creator, these trains cost just about one-tenth of what it requires to build a subway, and it operates quietly enough so as not to disturb outdoor surroundings.

So, when should we expect to see such wonders in our neighborhoods, you ask? You’re funny.

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