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Ghoulish Haunted Car Wash Frightens Customers In Video and People Have Opinions

Monsters and zombies attract inquisitive motorists looking to wash their cars.

Some people prefer to wash their own cars. Others enjoy the convenience of paying a bit of money to take their cars through an automatic car wash. But this car wash is quite another thing entirely, as it is attracting customers who are curious to confront their fears about the ghoulish and supernatural.

Posted by TikTok user @nelyy.e, the below video shows what it's like to be spooked in a creepy haunted car wash.


"I think I just discovered by biggest fear," writes commenter @rosslynhonse68.

"There’s one like it where I live and it scared my girl," says @nelyy.e. "I forgot the doors were unlocked and they opened her side and I died laughing."

"I love everything scary," says @tabersa. "This would be so cool!"

"OK, this seems amazing because they're not like touching you," remarks @itchysalanander69. "You can just sit and scream but be cozy at the same time."

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"I went to one and I started crying," admits @taytem_beck.

"I work at one of those," writes @stranger_things_lover21. "They're so fun."

"I would be like, 'lock the doors, now!'" imagines @_rxujin.1.

"My three-your-old loves going to the car wash with me," writes @kescobar22. "Good thing they don't do it where I go. She would be terrified."

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