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This 'Submarine Hunter' Helicopter Drone Leaves Viewers In Awe And Fear

Sure, it is fascinating tech, but then you think about what a helicopter drone is likely used for.
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The traditional military drone that we’ve seen looks more like a jet than anything else, something that’s only capable of passing over targets. That’s changed now with helicopter drones.

Seen in action, these helicopter drones look mighty impressive, but why does the US call them “submarine hunters?” That should become more clear once you watch the video.


Do you see that porpoise-like nose to the craft supported by that elaborate-looking camera array? That’s what helps the drone detect submarines either through visual or radar confirmation.

The TikToker known as simply Aerospace Science posted this video, which shows the sensor-stuffed aircraft drone taking off and landing remotely.

That’s the key word here: drone. This word implies that a human pilot is still making every decision, at least for now.

“Awesome and scary at the same time,” one commenter says, which we couldn’t agree more with.

Another commenter said, “What a beautiful machine.”

Unfortunately, that’s not a widely held sentiment among the commenters, with one having said, “That has to be the ugliest machine I’ve ever seen.”

Well, lucky for you an instrument of destruction doesn’t need to look pretty.