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Here's the Best Way To Know Who Is  Calling Your iPhone

If you don't already have this enabled, this is how.

There are a few ways to identify the person who calls your iPhone. For example, it's very common for folks to change ringtones depending on who is calling. But this is the simplest way to identify who is calling you without having to set those different tones.

This video explaining how is posted by TikTok user @betimm_b.


"Thanks!" says a grateful commenter.

"Hahah, already got it," laughs another.

"You call or who call you?" a user asks.

"Just wanna ask," someone says, "Can we change the vibrate when someone's calls? A little bit more harder."

"Step one: Buy an iPhone," acknowledges a viewer of the video.

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"Bruh, I’ve knew this my whole life," writes a commenter. "I could’ve just got famous by posting it."

"I did it," says another.

"Thank you for the information," writes a video watcher.

Then there is this comment from an apparently lonely user: "No one calls me."

"Thank you for this tip," says a commenter. "Like, bruh, when someone calls me they call like 7 times and no sound comes until now. You helped me, thanks."

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