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Hilarious Video Captures VR Fails As People React and Lose Track of Reality

"Awesome!" a commenter exclaims. "Yeah, I’ve had some incidents but nothing like the ones here."

Virtual Reality games spawn some genuinely crazy reactions when viewed by people without the headset on. In this clip, we see what can happen when VR gamers lose track of where they are and the results are hysterical.

You'll get the full effect when you watch this video posted by TikTok user @tribegreywolfvr.


"Awesome, LOL!" a commenter says. "Yeah, I’ve had some incidents but nothing like the ones here."

"These people are getting wild!" another exclaims. "Have you broken any controllers yet?"

One viewer of the video writes, "Just don’t let anyone over 30 play and everyone will be fine."

"The only thing I remember doing is putting my hand into my ceiling fan a lot," recalls a reader.

"Ooooh geez! I haven’t done that yet! Haha!" laughs a user.

"Worst I’ll do is smack a wall with my hand on the wall or ceiling fan," says a commenter. "Can’t understand why people full sprint like this."

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A user offers a word of advice: "VR isn't for everyone."

"This looks so painful!" observes a video watcher. "Yet, so entertaining!"

"Hahaha hilarious!" writes one. "And at the same time I never want this to happen to me."

This person speaks from experience and seems perplexed. "My son started playing when he was 6 and is 9 now. Never once has anything like this happened. What is wrong with these adults? LOL!"

"The most I’ve ever done was smash my finger," a writer says as he grapples with the hilarity. "These people are way too wild!"

And this one offers a solution: "Petition to change the age requirement to an IQ requirement for VR."

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