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Cool Home Robot Sends Owner Security Footage Every Single Hour

Now here's a unique way to keep your home safe from intruders.

Home security has become a major driver of technology and consumer products. People invest serious money into the protection of their living spaces and stuff, which has led to more interactive devices that give people more control over how they monitor their valuables. Many have a combination of security companies that are contracted to do a variety of monitoring and personal devices that provide remote access and reinforce peace of mind.

Customers love the idea of accessing live feeds of video surveillance while at work, on vacation, or anywhere away from home. While most go with installed cameras at certain locations around the property, some have used their expertise to create novel solutions. TikTok creator @bryanthediamond has his own personal security system that looks like something Batman might want to borrow (warning: some rough language).

Ok, we might be looking at the next step in personal home security with this setup. While most cameras stay stationary, "Astro" adds the additional benefits of a constantly moving monitoring device, like the mall security we see always driving around the perimeters in those cruisers. Being able to access that remotely must do a lot to help his worrying over leaving the house for prolonged periods of time.

People who commented on the piece love this idea. Elizabeth Fuentes responded, "Astro needs a FBI decal literally is a mini FBI agent." "IS THAT A STITCH RIDING HIM IM LIVING FOR IT," replied NotJen1126. The Forever Blessed One reminisced, "astro remind me of Rosey in the Jetsons," which sounds like the source of the clever name. 

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