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Creepy Security Cam Shows Woman Locking Home Door Right In Time Before the Scariest Thing Happens

The woman and her child were just getting home and appear to have been followed.

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A security camera captures the moment when a mother and her kid arrive at home. She opens the door, walks in, and thankfully locks her door just before this very scary thing happens. See for yourself in the video below.


Uploaded to TikTok by user @maximumfear, the video has understandably generated some responses in the comments.

"Him not blinking is not sitting well with me," writes @whimsygypsy. "Something is not right with him."

"I am waiting for the jumpscare," says @awariconic.

"Get a pit bull," suggests @markrids350.

"He just waited there, like... I'll wait," notes @sweater_weatherrr.

"I can’t even imagine what could’ve happened if that door hadn’t been locked at that time," worries @jn_m21.

"This literally gave me a nightmare last night," confesses @bianca19m. "I hate how scary the world is."

"Good thing she shut the door quickly or he would have done something," writes @your.local..blondee.

"That's no human, that's a demon," surmises @willowranger_18.

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