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Video: Woman Attempting 3 a.m. Dip In Pool Is Scared Off By Security Cam Warning and People Crack Up

Viewers note the Gollum-like way she hilariously sneaks off.

A woman is seen in the dark of night in a homeowner's driveway deciding to try a dip in a small pool. It's 3 a.m. and a security camera captures the scene. When the system's deter tone sounds, she decides to pick up her belongings and scamper away. But the way she does it has viewers cracking up. Check it out in the video below. 


Uploaded to TikTok by user @cmills403, the clip has generated many responses from commenters.

"She ran away like 'my precious!'” laughs @m.marigoldl.

"Maybe she was houseless and needed a bath or something," suggests @jiggglybits.

"I mean why are people so mad?" asks @kenku_monk. "It's an automated system so it's not like they could have done something and just let her swim."

"Wait a minute," writes @krystalskrystal. "You are saying the pool on your private property isn't a 24-hour public pool?"

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"I don't know," says @kt_lb. "I'd have probably let her swim for a little while."

"She didn't even get to turn on her music, yet she had her drink and she was ready," notes @big_jay064.

"I am absolutely dying at her running away," laughs @doublewmama.

"I don't know why this is making me as angry as it is, but who thinks it's a good idea to use someone else's things?" wonders @vibindogg420.

"I run like this when I chase my husband," quips @jessicamonet90. "I'm sure he loves it."

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