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Here Are 6 Ways To Spot A Deepfake From A Web Security Pro

The Norton Antivirus team posted a video helping folks with what to look for when sussing out a deepfake.

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If you’re ever online, and you see a celebrity or world leader doing something extremely strange or outlandish, chances are that it’s a deepfake.

These are imitated, real-time images of existing individuals — usually public figures — using computer graphics and artificial intelligence to make it appear real within a video.

However, there are telltale signs of a deepfake that can make debunking videos a lot quicker and save yourself some unneeded anxiety while scrolling TikTok or Instagram.


Thanks to this security expert for Norton Antivirus, we now know of six ways to spot a deepfake online.

The ones that we’ve found the easiest to spot across the board are the cheek smudges — especially at the deepfake face’s edges — and odd hairlines. Both are dead giveaways.

Here’s what the viewers are saying in response to the tips.

“My eyes are heterochromatic … am I even real?” one viewer jokingly commented.

“That’s just for now,” another commenter warned. “Pretty soon it will be super realistic, which is kinda scary.”

And finally, we have this gem: “What am I supposed to be looking for again? I was distracted by the curtains.”

This is why deepfakes will be so successful in the future — just saying.