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This Gorgeous Foldable Phone Might Make You Miss Huawei In The US

Huawei might be banned from the US, but it still makes a beautiful smartphone.

Smartphones with folding screens, often referred to as foldable phones, are growing more advanced and capable with every generation. Huawei, despite its recent ban from sales in the US, has continued to iterate on its enviable foldable phone design.

Huawei’s latest model in this line is the Mate Xs 2. The coolest feature of this next-generation foldable phone is exactly how it unfolds to become a tiny tablet.


That’s quite a parlor trick, huh? With one tap of a red button, the screen automatically begins to unfold into the larger display setting. This video was captured by TikToker known as “.technology_”.

The Huawei Mate Xs 2 won’t be available in the US and, even if you were to import, it may not work regardless due to the ongoing ban. This is despite Huawei issuing a recommended retail price of $2,598 in US dollars.

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At any rate, it’s fascinating to look at for a while and think about where the not-so distant future will lead us.

If you, like so many commenters on this video, are interested in this phone or a phone like this, might enjoy Samsung’s latest foldable phone, the just-announced Galaxy Z Flip 4. Otherwise, it’s going to be a long wait before Apple releases a foldable iPhone, if ever at all.

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