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Hubble Telescope Delivers Stunning New Image Of Globular Star Cluster In Milky Way

"This is so beautiful!" exclaims a commenter.

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Not to be outdone by the newly unveiled images from the James Webb Space Telescope, the NASA Hubble Space Telescope has released a brand new image of its own. This one is a gorgeous view of a globular star cluster in our own Milky Way. It's beauty is that the individual stars can be seen in all their glory without the filter applied when looking through the Earth's atmosphere, as the Hubble telescope resides in space as well. Check out the below video to see the spectacular image.


Uploaded by @thegalacticgal, this clip gives commenters an opportunity to make online remarks.

"This is so beautiful!" exclaims @thevinestp.

"Is this made from old data or did I miss the fact they figured out a way to keep it going even longer?" asks @birdiboe.

"Hubble has been operational still. They had some backup computer components in case the main one failed," replies @burnt_toast_astro. "Don't know how much longer it will last, though."

User @123yeetstreet has an intriguing, if entirely theoretical, question: "Could they point it at a planet that has ice and use the reflection of the ice to look back at earth to see the past?"

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