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Wife Pranks Husband by Catching a 'Mouse' and Total Hilarity Ensues

He really should've seen this one coming.

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What does it take to pull off a clever tech-related prank on a loved one? For starters, it requires a clever premise based around either a common activity or a known or understood dilemma that needs addressing. It requires a simple, yet effective misunderstanding sold to the target, with a clever hook to reel them in, along with a conclusion that will not create lingering animosity or singular thoughts of retribution. 

It seems the explosion of video-based social media platforms has led to an escalation of these pranks being chronicled for the amusement of strangers, which carries its own set of ethical and pragmatic dilemmas. However, when properly executed, these can create high-value results with lessened impact on personal relationships (at least on the surface). TikTok user @the_coles_official appears to have done this to perfection with a clever video about a "rodent problem."

This is pretty cold-blooded to do to a man, especially if he is the one primarily responsible for catching creepy and crawly invaders in the domicile. Many consider that part of their duty and to play this against us is shameful and mean-spirited. However, this is still pretty funny and deserves some props for clever premise and airtight execution. 

Commenters expressed their love and delight for this video. "He looks so mad when he sees its a computer mouse haha," remarked Boxermummy. Tania Louise responded, "This has got to be the best prank ever!!! 100/100 for Shane been so confident hahaha xxxx." "Better acting than eastenders tbf" claimed Maneh (this is a popular BBC soap opera, my Mom used to watch it on PBS).