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Woman Discovers Simple Instagram Hack That Drastically Increases Engagement

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Many people enjoy a good TikTok, some enjoy a good Instagram, and some want both to be one and the same. Getting a viral TikTok to give you the same results on Instagram can be tricky though, impossible even. 

That's because Instagram's algorithms flag the metadata from other social media sites or apps (such as TikTok) and downgrade it so your video doesn't get any traction on their app. It's understandable from a business perspective. After all, if you were running Instagram, you wouldn't want preexisting content, created on and associated with a rival app, going viral on your platform. You'd want content created using your app to be what gets people's attention. It's just what's best for your brand.   

With that being said, if you're a content creator, it doesn't necessarily benefit your content to only post it on one app. You want your creations to get as many views, likes and eyeballs as possible, so taking something that's been a hit on TikTok and uploading it to Instagram makes sense. 

But how do you get around Instagram's pesky algorithms? TikTok user @frizzaandfrillzz explains a very clever hack that just might do the trick...

Very clever. Here's what the internet had to say about this hack. 

User @emmaroundthew0rld replied, "This is the best tip I've ever received, thank you!" And user @sabrynabare exclaiming, "Wow, I'm going to try this because it's been so frustrating." And user @socialmediastrategist remarking, "Yup been doing that for a couple months. Life changing!"  

What do you think? Are you going to try using this hack to upload your popular TikTok videos to Instagram and see if they can enjoy similar success?