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Video Shows How Choosing Your Best Profile Pic Can Be Both Important and Fun

A picture is worth a thousand words, and that certainly is the case with your profile pic.

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No matter which social media app you are using, a profile picture is your most prominent visual introduction to the online world. Whether it's for personal use or branding for a business, the process of selecting the right image is important, but it can also be very fun to decide how to present yourself in one illustration.

Posted by TikTok user @ishan_lama122, this video reveals some super cool profile pics and encourages users to take screenshots and use them themselves.


Provided by Tailwind, these tips will be helpful as you navigate the process of creating and/or selecting your image.

  • Decide between a personal photo or a brand logo
  • Don't use an off-center photo
  • Choose a photo with good lighting and clear contrast
  • Don't choose a trendy photo you’ll have to update frequently
  • Take your aesthetic and profession into account
  • Don't use a full body photo
  • Crop and resize your photo before uploading it.
  • Take a few shots, not just one, to experiment with camera angles, expressions, poses, props and so forth

Visit Tailwind for more information on these eight tips.

Short captions for your profile pic can be added as well. Read "200+ Short Captions for Profile Pictures" for an extensive list of great suggestions.

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