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Apple Employee Shares How to Stop iPhone Camera Quality From Declining

It's such a simple trick.

Our smartphones are such vital tools in our everyday lives, and we do our best to take care of them. People have many theories what to do - and not do - to best preserve the many intricate machinations in that compact supermachine we carry around. Given the money invested in them and the reliance on phones for so many work and leisure activities, it makes sense to do our best to keep them working at the highest capacity. 

These high-tech devices and the measures we take to ensure their optimum performance has led to cottage industries of solutions. Everyone seems to have the one "well here's what I do" trick that manages to fix a common issue that they're happy to share. In that vein, TikTok user @sam.j0 shared an insider tip for iPhone users struggling with a common problem.

Commenters expressed some skepticism regarding the proposed fix, while others accept this suggestion. "Makes sense. The camera breaks for any reason or some malfunction," responded ticktocker510. katarina suggested, "good thing my phones always upright bc i’m always on my phone." "Damn. I always put my phone in my pocket upside down, because fabric debris would go into my charging port." remarked jlmn. 

Our phones do go through some rough beatings from everyday usage, to say nothing of those of us who tend to drop them. This might be something worth trying as a long-term experiment and posting the results periodically. 

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