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iPhone Hack Lets You Scroll Through Videos Without Touching Screen, People React

It's a great tip and viewers have some hilarious reactions.

It's nice on occasion to be able to control your phone without touching it, for example if you are cooking, folding laundry, or doing other chores. One common activity people engage in with their phones is scrolling through TikTok videos. 

Posted by TikTok user @lifetipsfromus, the below video walks you through how you can set your iPhone up to scroll through those videos without using your hands.


"Perfect for those moments where I’m busy cooking, etc., and want to watch Tiktok without touching my phone," writes commenter @hazemetes.xiii.

User @classicnoura doesn't like the idea, saying, "No, I don't want to talk."

"Saying next is way more work than swiping," says @demitrianna with a bit of ironic humor.

"I want to scroll with my eyes," jokes @daniii_27_.

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"This is good when you are washing dishes or folding clothes," writes @ladypaga.

Viewer of the video @mikelloydgaming seems to be making a crack about the habits of TikTok users: "I'm too lazy at 3 a.m. to be saying next," he says.

"I did this for Tinder," admits @heatherloggedin.

"Now what if I want to look at the comments because they are funnier than the actual video?" asks @niyah.imani

"That's too much talking," remarks @gueeswhobecxh. "Just imagine you're walking and you keep saying 'next' as everybody walks past you."

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