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Cracked Your iPhone Lately? Watch How This Woman Turns Damaged Device Into Work of Art

"Please," writes a commenter. "I remember people purposefully cracking the glass just for this."

A woman takes us back in time as she suggests it's 2012 and she has a cracked iPhone 4 to deal with. She doesn't take it to the repair shop for new glass. No, that would be boring. She instead decides to get out some colorful felt pens and make the damaged device look cooler than it was when it was new. Enjoy the process, and see if it brings back any memories.


TikTok video creator @tashayawna is the artist who shares this clip with us. And it generates some comments as people have recollections.

"Please," writes @73candysprinkles. "I remember people purposefully cracking the glass just for this."

"I wanted to do this so bad," says @doublep1nkeye.

User @mattpetrilak1 has a confession: "My toxic trait is that I still think it's cool," he writes.

"I wanted to do this with my iPhone 8 Plus," remarks @youngheunn_. "Then I realized it was 2021."

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"I've never seen this, OMG!" exclaims @linkkinnie. "This looks cool!"

"The way people would purposefully break their phone for this was immaculate," admires @codys.vinyl.

"Why didn't I know about this when I cracked mine?" asks @wavvyyrayy.

"I had a black one so I did with gold and silver sharpies," recalls @spockfromdablockk.

Video viewer @lilimadrigal_ also confesses. "I almost wanted my phone to crack specifically for this reason," she says.

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